Gel-Clot LAL

The gel-clot assay is a simple, qualitative method best used for small, low volume endotoxin testing. The Endosafe® lysate features a firm gel over a wide range of sensitivities. The reagent is buffered for better interference resistance. The Endosafe® Rapid LAL Single-Test Vials are used for routine endotoxin detection in research samples and provide a simple, self-contained option for these settings. 

Gel-Clot LAL
Product Code
Gel-Clot LAL (50-test vial, 5.2 ml) 0.015 R15015
  0.03 R15003
  0.06 R15006
  0.125 R11012
  0.25 R11025
Gel-Clot LAL (10-test vial, 1.2 ml) 0.03 R12003
  0.06 R12006
  0.125 R12012
  0.25 R12025
Single-Test Vial (0.2 ml) 0.03 R13003
  0.06 R13006
  0.125 R13012
  0.25 R13025
Rapid Single-Test LAL Vials
(50-test, 0.2 ml)
  R 13500
Rapid Positive Product Control

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