PTS™ / MCS™ Cartridges


The PTS™  / MCS™ readers utilize the same disposable cartridges for endotoxin testing. The FDA-licensed cartridges are pre-loaded with all of the reagents required to perform an LAL test on the Endosafe®-PTS™ portable spectrophotometer. This integrated testing system eliminates preparation of multiple reagents and reduces the opportunity for technician error.

The disposable cartridge contains four channels - two channels with CSE and LAL, which serve as the positive control channels, and two channels with LAL for testing of samples. An archived standard curve is available on the Certificate of Analysis for each lot of cartridges producted. Click here to view diagram of schematic of the PTS™ cartridge.
To perform the test, only one step is needed: add 25µL of sample into all four sample reservoirs. 
PTS™ cartridges are available in four sensitivities:

Product Codes


(not to be used for pharmaceutical release testing)
0.1 EU/ml
0.05 EU/ml
0.01 EU/ml
0.005 EU/ml
*Cartridges are available in packs of 10 cartridges individually pouched.
Inhibition / Enhancement cartridges are also available for checking the Positive Product Control (PPC) recovery of four different dilutions.
Product Code
Inhibition / Enhancement Cartridges
PTS 220
*Cartridges are available in packs of 10 cartridges individually pouched.
PTS Accessories
Charles River Singapore also carries a wide range of accessories and equipment to be used with the PTS™  and MCS™  system, and these include pipettors, printers and other items. Please enquire with us directly for more information.

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