Endosafe® nexgen-PTS™

The Endosafe®-nexgen PTS™ is a rapid, user friendly, portable, point-of-use handheld incubating spectrophotometer that utilizes disposable cartridges for accurate, convenient and real-time quantitative endotoxin testing with result in about 15 min. The nexgen-PTS™ is using the same USP/BET–compliant test as the first generation Endosafe®-nexgen PTS™. The nexgen-PTS™ used as a stand-alone device with direct readouts from the screen, with a companion printer. It is able to provide both in-process and final product release testing, right at the point of sample collection, contributing to enhanced quality, safety and efficiency in the manufacturing process.

Features of Endosafe® nexgen-PTS™

  • Rechargeable power block
  • Touchscreen display
  • No standard curve required
  • Minimal inventory management, Only PTS cartridges require for the test
  • Enhanced processing power and expanded memory storage with an embedded operating system
  • Data transferability to standard reports and data trending applications
  • Printable results
  • Protective case with cover


Newly Added Features of Endosafe® nexgen-PTS™

  • A redesigned pump provides greater accuracy and precision.
  • Optimizes sample centering for higher resolution and quicker read
  • Improved software and heightened sensing for faster sample detection
  • Volume recognition - Sample Size detection turns on and off the feature that allows the nexgen to estimate sample size
  • Sample Size detection volume can be configured by an administrator for each type of test
  • Increased storage capacity of over 8 GB internal and expandable external USB storage for unlimited storage
  • Stores every test result, log and audit log
  • Export data to printer, Charles River Cortex, or a USB drive (PDF)
  • Enhanced processing power and memory


Product Applications

The speed and accuracy of the nexgen-PTS™ method makes it especially effective for a variety of applications such as:

  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Biologicals
  • Medical devices
  • Nuclear medicine products
  • Pharmaceutical water systems
  • Stem cell materials
  • Dialysis samples
  • Cleaning validations
  • Other biomedical products and applications

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